where did the authoring go? getting started with workbench and kie server on 7.3 and onwards

Recently there were number of questions on mailing list about authoring perspective missing in recent versions of jBPM and/or drools... that lead me to take few minutes to make this write up and attached screen case to show that ... it was not removed :)

It was actually redesigned for easier access and to improve user experience when using the workbench. Though for people who get used to the "old" way could be a bit lost at first. So here it goes:

What you can see in this screen cast is:

  • where to go to see the projects
  • how to create new project
  • how to import new project 
  • how to import project from external git server
  • how to find the settings and various configuration options of the project
  • how to build and deploy
  • where to find deployed projects into execution servers
  • where to find process definitions
  • where to start new process instance
Nothing fancy but might get you started much easier after moving from previous version.

Comments are more than welcome in terms of improvements and feedback about usability.


  1. I wanted to put up a picture in this comment, but I guess that's not allowed.

    The "File Explorer" that was in 7.1 was really helpful and make sense because you can browse the internal git repo. Right now in 7.3 you just see the dropdowns like you were showing in the video. Yes I can clone it locally and see it but the File Explorer were really friendly to use. I can create a new repo without a project as well, I can see the commit comments in fast manner and etc.

    1. https://groups.google.com/d/msg/jbpm-development/NrbOdTuLZP8/x1GPQDFRBAAJ

    2. it's still there, just open any asset and on the left hand side you will have option to see the assets. This is the project view, but with the service icon you can change the view to repository and then you will have file explorer of your project assets

  2. where did Plugin Management gone?

    1. frankly speaking no idea, do you mind dropping this question on drools mailing list?

  3. In this version, how can i create Organizational unit and new repository?

  4. how to import project from external git server? on jBPM 7.7