jBPM 6 workshops

I would like to inform that there will be some workshops regarding upcoming jBPM version 6 where you can gather some insight into what's in it for you.

There are currently two workshops scheduled:

  • 12 of October in Warsaw, Poland
  • 23-24 of October in London, UK

Workshop in Poland will be carried as part of Warsjava 2013 conference where besides "Introduction to jBPM 6" a lot more can be found. Unfortunately the conference is by default in Polish but I guess when there will be any non polish speaking attendees there won't be any issues to take it in English. I'll be giving the presentation and workshop for jBPM 6 at this year's Warsjava.

Workshops in London will be taken obviously in English and there will be lot of possibilities to learn a lot about the development in the projects. Presented by Mauricio "Salaboy" Salatino and Michael Anstis so an event you can't miss.

Please take a look at the content and register as places are limited.


jBPM empowers Magnolia CMS

I am glad to inform that Magnolia CMS uses jBPM 5 as their default work flow engine in version 5. Just two weeks ago I had a pleasure to talk about jBPM (both v5 and v6) at Magnolia conference in Basel, Switzerland. This was a great event that I recommend everyone that is interested in CMS.

Together with Espen from Magnolia team, we made a really nice presentation about both jBPM and Magnolia Workflow that utilizes jBPM.

Here you can find the presentation and as soon as recording will be available I'll link it here as well.

Stay tuned for more updates and information about jBPM :)