jBPM 6 first steps

This post is about to give a very quick introduction to how users can take their first steps in jBPM 6. Using completely web tooling to build up:

  • processes
  • rules
  • process and task forms
  • data model
With just three simple examples you will learn how easy and quickly you can start with BPM. So let's start.

The simples process

First process is illustrating how you move around in KIE workbench web application. Where to:
  • create repository
  • create project
  • configure Knowledge Base, KnowledgeSession
  • create process
  • build and deploy
  • execute process and work with user task

Custom data and forms

Next let's explore more and start with bit advanced features like:

  • building custom data model that will be used as process variable
  • make use of process variables in user task
  • define custom forms for process and tasks
  • edit and adjust your process and task forms

Make use of business rules and decisions in your process

At the end let's make the process be more efficient by applying business rules in the process and then use gateways as deception points. This example introduces:

  • use of business rule task
  • define business rules with Drools
  • use XOR gateway to split between different paths in the process

Important to note that business rule task can automatically insert and retract process variables using data input and output of business rule task. When defining them make sure that both data input and output are named exactly the same to allow engine to properly retract the facts on business rule task completion.

That would be all for the first steps with jBPM 6. Stay tuned for more examples and videos!

As usual comments more than welcome.


  1. Hello Maciej,
    these videos are very useful but they have very poor quality.
    I almost can not see text. I only guess what you type there.


  2. sorry to hear that, it must have been vimeo conversion that broke it, will try to improve quality ofthem maybe putting them somewhere else than vimeo...
    thanks for reporting that.

    1. Hello Mac,

      I am big fan of you, when i tried your part3 video,object passing from business rules task is null
      always,i have verified my mappings 10 times, which is correct, if i remove that Business Rule task and connecting to other human task, then human task object contains value and it is populating values as expected, when i add Business rule task in between human tasks with all settings, then from Business Rule Out put Object is null for all the time, is there any hidden trick there.

      Thanks & Regards
      Mc Arun

  3. Hi Maciej,
    I want to create a new log file using jbpm6. It should be a normal log file not audit log and i want to log statements from some specific package say "com.jbpm6" to the newly created log file. Can you please suggest how to do that ?

    1. please open new thread on jbpm user forum and we will drive it there. I believe it should be doable with process event listeners.

  4. Hi.
    Thanks for taking the trouble of making the films.
    I'm also having problems with the resolution. My eyes just aren't good enough. If you still have the original recordings, maybe you could post them on your blog? They seem really useful.
    On a related question is there supposed to be sound and commentary in the films?

    1. Marcus, had to recreate the second one but now have all in place and preparing to upload them in better quality.
      These are only screen case so no sound, sorry :(

  5. Hi, can you share the code you use? This was very helpful!

    1. I'll prepare these in few days and share it here too. thanks!

    2. Where i can download your code??

      Good job bro!

  6. just uploaded one to youtube instead, part one does it look better now? if so I'll continue with part 2 and 3 as well.

  7. they look great. Are you gonna continue with the tutorials? That would be awesome!

  8. sure, whenever I find time. Feel free to post what parts would be interesting for you to see as tutorials so I provide them in right order :)

  9. haha, I have a very specific question :) in the place I work, we want to create the data model from an database, with an API. How we cand do it? With an script in a task? (we wanna do that from the web app of jboss. Is it possible, or we need to use the eclipse plugin?)

    thanks :)

  10. Hi Maciej
    Congratulation for the videos, realy helped me to use the jbpm 6. But I have a doubt, how do I use a Guided Decision Table into a process?
    I know how to do the table and how to do the process, but I don't know how to "call" the decision table.


    1. @Mauricio Viegas:
      The first thing to do after you create a new Decision Table is to add a new column for Metadata called "ruleflow-group". You can then edit the value by expanding the "Optional" tree. You then have to use the same name in the configuration of the BusinessRulesTask.

      If this is not your fist action, probably only newly added rows are marked with that metadata-tag, thus others are not evaluated.

      (P.S.: I know, the post is quite old, however, it's the only one I found concerning this issue, and I finally found the solution, so I wanted to share it.)

    2. Though this is an old post, thought of adding a note on this. Adding an attribute column as mentioned here (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/drools-setup/PdSyvQcDvIQ) helps to invoke the decision table from a process model in JBPM 7.

  11. Anonymous13/6/14 03:55

    How can we see the results of the form? I mean the data which have been inserted,

  12. Hi Maciej Swiderski,
    could you upload some tutorial videos of business rule with inclusive gateway.

  13. Hi Maciej,

    Could you please upload a video on creating a process with Timer , where for every interval a mail is triggered with notification


  14. Hi,
    I am totally new in jbpm. i have no idea about jbpm technoloy . i saw that your tutorial is very helpful for first time learner .

    I am completed your three video series, after learning i have create a demo app using JPBM that doing create process, create form, create rule
    and deloy process, create process instance and task management .

    But Currently i am facesing some problem that ,

    Q1 . I can not integrate this process into my existing java ee (JSF, Hiberate) application.

    Now i am totally stuck with jbpm, i have no idea how to go forward , how use this application in real life application

    Gulam Samdani

  15. According to jbpm part3 video tutorial , i am developing a business process (bpmn) file , but i can tnot do this
    for some error . please help me .
    Error :

    Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Exception when trying to evaluate constraint in split
    Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: unable to execute ReturnValueEvaluator:

    Error details is :