Kubernetes Operator with Automatiko

Here is more of a developer view on the recently published article on Automatiko blog about building Kubernetes Operators with workflows. It shows that is brings significant value to the overall visibility of the operator logic and makes it really approachable for non kubernetes gurus.

I'd like to take it a bit further and show how efficient it can be thanks to the internals of Automatiko. Automatiko takes advantage of Quarkus that provide the runtime mechanics so to say. Quarkus comes with an outstanding feature called dev mode. Everyone who heard about Quarkus most likely heard about dev mode and live reload. But there is more to it!!!

Remote dev mode - is a sibling to the dev mode but it allows you to live reload application remotely. A perfect fit for in-container development or even better in kubernetes cluster development. This brings us to the unbelievable efficient developer experience when building Kubernetes operators - you can build them directly inside the Kubernetes cluster. No need for rebuilding the image, no need to redeploying the container and so on... it just works like a charm.

Have a look at this video illustrating how you can easily work on your operator logic that runs inside the kubernetes cluster. Make modifications to the logic and try it out almost instantly (assuming your kubernetes cluster and deployed container have enough resources to make it efficient ;)).

The video showed number of features

  • how to configure the application to run in remote dev mode
  • how to make changes to the workflow definition
  • how to make modification to application code
  • automatic reload of the application that includes both workflow and java classes
All working smoothly and efficiently without much of a hassle 

A huge kudos to Quarkus team for making it a fantastic piece of software that makes developer life easier... a truly cloud native as it enables direct in cluster development that speeds the work up significantly!!!